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Fetoo – Get to know those interested in fetishism and try out new things

Fetoo is the portal for those interested in fetishism and and the fetish enthusiasts. Is normal too boring for you? Does it not give you a kick? Would you like to try something a little more frivolous? Then Fetoo is exactly the right portal to satisfy your curiosity and desire. Our female members in particular are here because they either want to try out fetishes for the first time, or because they already have experience with different fetishes and are looking for new partners.

What does fetish mean and what are our members looking for?

Fetish is derived from the latin verb “facere” (to make) and the portuguese word “feitiçio” („magic”). The french psychologist Alfred Binet describes fetishism to explain the obsession with objects. These can be, for example, boots, clothing made of leather and rubber, shackles, tattoos, underwear, riding whips or gloves. Or certain parts of the body such as breasts, buttocks, body hair, hands or feet. Various practices like SM, bondage, oral sex, spanking or role play also fall under this term.The term fetish can be interpreted in as many diverse ways as diverse are the desires of our members and virtual profiles. And since everyone here "likes" fetishes, making contact informally is extremely easy - because everyone wants to experience something!

Registering with Fetoo is free - why not just take a look at the profiles that appeal to you and whose fetish you are interested in, without obligation? Click here to register for free.

Why Fetoo?

You can browse through all the profiles and easily contact profiles that are of particular interest to you. Express your interest with a virtual kiss or simply write to the profile. The chat, in particular, makes it very easy for you to come into contact with interested women, men or virtual profiles - anonymously, playfully and effectively. And since dirty talk is also a fetish, you can even erotically flirt and chat with virtual profiles on Fetoo. Or else you can make an appointment with real profiles and you live out "your" fetish together - or even several fetishes ... Click here now to have a look around on Fetoo for free.

Which fetishes are preferred at Fetoo?

You can find women, men and virtual profiles with preferences for all fetishes on Fetoo! Our members have a wide range of interests which cover the entire spectrum. Many female members are interested in fetishes such as unusual lingerie, handcuffs, SM, uniform fetish, but also lacquer and leather. You can register here for free to discover interesting profiles for yourself.

You can enter your preferences directly in your free profile and also what kind of passions your partner should have. This makes it even easier to quickly and easily find the exact partner who shares your fetish. Then you can see in the chat whether you are a match and whether you want to take your contact further.

While some female members seek to dominate and humiliate the man, many women find it arousing when the man takes control. It is best to indicate in the chat right at the beginning whether you are looking for a submissive or a dominant partner so that you know whether you are a match. Regardless of whether you want to discuss fetishes online with male, female or virtual profiles or whether you are in the mood for a crazy flirt or chat, Fetoo offers you exactly that!

A small selection of fetishes ...

Foot fetish means that women, mainly, pay special attention to their feet. They care for their feet with special creams, paint their nails and love it when their partner caresses their feet tenderly.

Handcuffs are a widespread toy with which women are usually tied up (loosely). The woman still has enough freedom of movement to “join in”. But it expresses the dominance of the partner over her, so that she can completely surrender to the situation.

Doctor games are very popular because they offer men and women alike the opportunity to develop passion in familiar roles. For example, the woman can wear a tight nurse's costume or the man plays the doctor and is allowed to “examine” the woman everywhere and look at and touch all parts of the body very carefully, or the “nurse” examines and touches the doctor / patient.

Voyeurism means that you like to watch other people indulge themselves erotically. This often triggers arousal.

If you are not yet lucky enough to have a partner who shares your fetish with you and wants to live it out, you will find like-minded people on Fetoo. Register now for free and find exactly what you are looking for.

Spanking starts with a slap on the bottom and can go as far as whip and paddle. With light hits you can live out the dominance and be aroused in the process.

Teledildonics describes the fetish in which lust and passion are aroused through cybersex. At Fetoo you can also chat with virtual profiles and thus feel virtual excitement and have exciting chats.

Bondage describes the tying up of the partner. There are very different types of restraints and if you actually experience bondage, just putting on the restraints can provide unbelievable eroticism and tension.

The high heel fetish consists in the fact that men, but also women, are aroused by the woman wearing high-heeled shoes or boots in bed - and often no other item of clothing.

BDSM, crossdressing, axilism, chrematistophilia, cisvestism, forniphilia, cryophilia or celophilia are other fetishes, not all of which are known to the general public. Why not register now for free and look for women, men or virtual profiles who share your fetish? Or are you open to new suggestions from our members and ready to discover fetishes that you did not know about before?

Here you can find more fetishes and members who are also looking for new partners...

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